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We offer services to small and mid-size businesses and their owners. Our initial 30-minute consultation is free.
We can assist you with:

Business formation

Whether you are contemplating starting your own business, are ready to move away from being a sole proprietor, or would like to create entities that would limit your business liability, we will help you to choose an entity that will meet your needs, file documents with the Secretary of State, and create governing documents for your business.


We will help you create standard agreements to present to your clients and employees. We take time to understand your business, work model, and problems or misunderstanding you have had in the past to prevent them in the future. We will create agreements that work for you.

When you are presented with a contract and need to review it, we will analyze its provisions and explain to you the scope of your rights, obligations, and potential liabilities. We will help you push back on clauses than are unfavorable to you.

Intellectual Property

Most business owners do not realize how much intellectual property their companies create in simple day-to-day activities. Intellectual property encompasses a broad area of law – from patents, trademarks, copyrights, trade secrets to domain names and website arrangements. We can help you identify intellectual property and you protect it. We will also assist you in enforcing your rights, if you feel that someone is taking advantage of your intellectual property, and defend you from any infringement allegations.

Estate Planning

All business owners plan for their company’s future as well as their families’. Whether you would like to protect your assets through a trust, or plan to secure your family’s future in a will, our law firm help you in deciding which instrument will be most effective for you.